Booking Requests
Sowieso will be taking a break to conduct major repairs starting from September or October.

Sowieso backline

Piano: August Förster grand
Guitar amp: Peavey Classic 50 (tubed)
Bass amp: GK MB108 combo 
Drums: Gretsch Catalina (kick drum, floor tom, tom, wood snare)
Drum hardware: throne; hi-hat stand and clutch; 3 cymbal stands; kick pedal; 2 snare stands

PA:  2 x Yamaha DBR 12 powered speakers (with speaker stands)  and 2 x Genelec 8030 (without speaker stands)

Mixer: Soundcraft EPM8

XLR and 1/4" cables
Mic stands:  4
Microphones:  SM57, SM58
Music stands:  3
Keyboard stand:  1