Weisestraße 24, Berlin 12049
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Doors 20:00 | Concerts 20:30

Feb 29  Ken Thomson’s Lingua Franca  Ken Thomson (saxophone), Mirna Bogdanovic (voice), Keisuke Matsuno (guitar), Simon Jermyn (bass) & Ivars Arutyunyan (drums)

Mar 1  Fredrik RastenLineaments, solo guitar, voice & sine waves | Music for Clarinet, Piano, and Bass by Katie Porter (bass clarinet), Quentin Tolimieri (piano) & Werner Dafeldecker (double bass)

Mar 2  Mariá Portugal’s monthy concert series TOMA CHOCOLATE!
Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos, Temporal Counterpoint Study No. 1 for electric guitar and synthesizer | ICNISP Marina Cyrino (amplified flute) & Matthias Koole (electric guitars) with guest Laura Robles (cajón)

Mar 7  Dörner–Müller–Malmendier  Axel Dörner (trumpet), Matthias Müller (trombone) & Tom Malmendier (snare drum) | Ben Bennett, solo percussion

Mar 8  Borage  Megan Jowett (viola) & James Banner (double bass) | TBA

Mar 9  Simon Løffler, selections from Animalia (performed by Løffler & Sørlien Holen) | Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen, I'M JUST ME for drums, objects, and voice | Jessie MarinoTHE BACKYARD, from A Host of Possible Dramas and Exchanges for voices (performed by Marino, Sørlien Holen & Løffler)

Mar 12  Ballister  Dave Rempis (saxophones), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello, electronics) & Paal Nilssen-Love (drums)

Mar 14  Ensemble Discoveries  Hui-Chun Lin (cello), Uygur Vural (cello), Matthias Müller (trombone), Ulf Mengersen (double bass) & Klaus Kürvers (double bass)

Mar 15  Pisarovic–Dörner–Buck  Vesna Pisarovic (voice), Axel Dörner (trumpet) & Tony Buck (drums) |  Mello–Cajado–Takara  Marina Mello (harp), Vinicus Cajado (bass) & Mauricio Takara (drums) 

Mar 16  Attias–Kaufmann–Gray  Michaël Attias (alto saxophone), Achim Kaufmann (piano) & Devin Gray (drums)

Mar 21  Dead Leaf Butterfly  Els Vandeweyer (vibraphone), Lina Allemano (trumpet), Maike Hilbig (double bass) & Lucia Martinez (drums)

Mar 22  Markus Krispel, solo saxophone | Krispel–Okuda–Virtaranta–Busato   Markus Krispel (saxophone),  Rieko Okuda (piano), Antti Virtaranta (double bass) & Marcello Busato (drums)

Mar 23  Julia Kadel Trio  Julia Kadel (piano), Athina Kontou (double bass) & Devin Gray (drums)